The search for wisdom can be a long one. We often feel that wisdom comes from either the very young who have not yet had their thoughts “polluted” by the ways of the world, or those older because they have endured some of the world and continued their faith journey until they discovered how to communicate with God along the way.

While we can seek wisdom, the knowledge of God, by praying to Him in the traditional form, and, if earnest, are rewarded with this grace. However, we often receive these graces as infused graces that are not “felt”, which means we have to rely on our personal faith to keep on this path.

To obtain true wisdom, we have to continue on a path of humility and being docile to the reception of the Holy Spirit. This means we have to be truly in a position of openness to His love and then we will receive in ways we could not imagine. Finding your interior prayer life is the key to this kingdom.

Today, take a few moments to reflect on how God is moving in your life. Find a quiet favorite space to talk to Him, in your own words, and begin a new dialog with Him.

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  1. Debulyn says:

    Beautifully written! So simply said, yet true! Touched my heart… Thank you! May your Saturday be just as blessed!

  2. Barbara Martinazzi says:

    I love to read the daily reflection on the readings. Looking forward to the same.

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