This week we held a Centering Prayer workshop at St. Eulalia’s. Aine Minogue, parishioner, world-famous Irish harpist and a contemplative Christian has been largely responsible for bringing Centering prayer to the parish last year. Thank you Aine for all have done, and continue to do for all.

During the process of preparing for the workshop, we got to spend many precious hours together discussing the content and some time reflecting on why this ancient prayer form is enjoying such a revival.

One reason is the openness, insight and support of pastors like Fr. Savage. Someone who truly understands there are many paths to the Lord and one willing to offer an ecumenical and interfaith welcome to all at the parish. It is one thing to say, All Are Welcome in the bulletin or on the website, it is another to actually practice it.

Centering Prayer, a prayer of Consent is enjoying a revival from its old roots. It is a form of Contemplative prayer, encouraging intimacy with Christ through silence, openness and a willingness to releasing the distractions of the world and the many thoughts which inhabit our minds.

It is not my intention here to just invite you to one of the two centering prayer groups now firmly established in the parish; but of course you are welcome to join. Rather, we have many ways to the Lord and St. Eulalia’s has a tradition of offering a multitude of them. Today you can find prayer groups, youth ministry, bible study, men’s and women’s groups, shawl ministry, food ministries, Fr. Savage’s lecture series, centering prayer, Eucharistic ministries, divorce and bereavement care, and more … An entire range of experiences for all the moments in our lives when we, or others may need them.

Today we can perhaps take a look at the bulletin activities, or better still the website, which has all the information for the current and the upcoming. There is a path ahead of us which has been paved in the parish, all we need to do is take it. Enjoy one of these groups, start a new group, invite someone to an existing group; someone in need of a friend, a smiling face, an invitation.

So we can honestly say the advertisement is true. All Are Welcome!


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