Well, have just passed the two-year anniversary of this column, and more than 100 reflections, it seems as if the name chosen for this page has never been more relevant. Over the past two years, I have heard different interpretations of what is the meaning of the name. Does it mean God’s Word Made Flesh always goes unbroken in our lives? Yes. Does it mean you can never break the sacred Words of Christ? Yes. Does it mean we should break down God’s Word so we can use it practically in our lives. Yes, Yes and Yes.

Seeing, at a distance now, the troubles of the Church returning and amplified in the spotlight of the “me too” movement, perhaps it is time for another meaning. That we remain unbroken during these times of trouble. The number of people who have broken the code of “the Unbroken Word” of Jesus Christ are those who remain firmly planted in the seed they were given at their baptism. While that seed may have been given by another, it changed us internally and set the scene for us to do more in our lives for others than for ourselves. We put on “the Mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16) and by doing so activate the divine grace from being made in His image.

By keeping this unbroken connection to Christ in times of trouble we can be renewed in grace, enveloped in love and blessed in wisdom. A wisdom which will make us avoid the divisive nature of our society and our attempts to punish the Church by withholding our ministry, presence and resources. At times like this it is easy for us to separate ourselves from the clergy and make the clergy appear to be the “Church”, yet we are the Church. The Body of Christ. There is only one pastor at St. Eulalia’s, and hundreds of parishioners, all of whom are lay people. We, together are the Church, the Body of Christ. So we cannot just become like Pontius Pilate, washing our hands of the matter, or as the mob outside shouting “crucify Him”. We have to engage, but prayerfully, intelligently and always with love. Once we let love move from our hearts, we are lost.

Let us put on the Mind of Christ in our response, and do what is needed to protect our relationship with Christ, our Church and all who enter.

Peace and all Good. (St. Francis of Assisi)



Anger is the withdrawal of love,

Often, but not always, completely.


Anger is the communication method of the other side,

Whether from a willful self-will,

Or blamed on the Other Guy.


Anger is the gun used in the knife fight,

Where feelings overtake love and reason.


Anger has many disguises,

But enjoys itself the most when power is demonstrated.


Anger has no rewind button,

But does often lead to regret.

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