The Tractor Beam

Over the last several years, my enthusiasm for photography has continued to increase. Perhaps it is the desire to record those elements which seem to call out “photograph me,” or a more avid search noticing the essential images. It’s hard to tell.

During the early years of the TV series, Star Trek the starship Enterprise would occasionally encounter enemy ships which tried to draw them into their range of fire with what was known as a “tractor beam.” This invisible beam would cause the Enterprise to be brought to a place where it was within range and vulnerable to falling under the control of the other spaceship. I have this same feeling about photographing things, people and places. There is some force compelling me to do so.

Anyway, in reviewing many images in recent years, I notice there are a large number of doors, staircases, and paths in the collection; something which I can reflect upon. Each of these elements draws us forward into an unknown place, or somewhere mysterious at the very least.

So, what spiritual message may be embedded in the characterization of the need to create images from our everyday life? I have my own ideas about the answer, but perhaps you have your own. What impels us to want to record photographs and then review them with others. They don’t have to be great works of art; just relevant to our journey in some way.

This week take a little time to see some of these peace-filled images which pass us by each day. Record them on your phone and then take a look at them at the end of the week. You may be surprised at the messages therein.


Oldest living tree in the World, General Sherman Tree, Sequoia National Park, California


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