A Great Day of Angling


Of days better spent, few can compare to one of fishing,

The search for the right fly,

Which emulates the natural world of the trout,

Who dispose of a smorgasbord of delicacies,

Based on the hour, and other factors.


The peace of the water,

Prayers for a  calm wind,

And the continual search for the perfect cast,

Followed by the presentation of the fly;

All work towards a spiritual perfection.


But today,

The unlikely event of three rods,

And three casts,

Have all set their hooks in the lively fish,

Each of which desires to be of least import,

And leave the connection with the angler,



Yet, each fish also wants the relationship to be complete,

To be at one with the fisherman,

So a strange yearning ensues,

While the fisherman deals with the problem of three fish,

On three lines.


All needing playing, exhausting, concluding and landing.