Bursting with God


I am bursting with God,

Like a bubble about to explore,

Loaded with all the experiences of a lifetime,

Competing for air time with each other,

Unseparated by time,

Unified by their connection.


I am bursting with God,

Hardly knowing what to do next,

Or where to go,

The gifts are so great,

And numerous, as the hairs on your head,

It’s hard to know where to start, or move next.


I am bursting with God,

As if time was compressed,

Or not present, all those experiences are now,

Omnipresent, as is God, in a world of thousands,

All waiting to hear from me,

Once again.


I am bursting with God,

Unified by love,

Each moment building on its neighbor,

Enriching, coloring in the details,

Making the picture visible,

In a way I never thought possible, or explicable.


I am bursting with God,

Never enough time now,

To do what a calling might be,

Not one vocation, but many,

All tied to love.

The heart of the matter.


I am bursting with God.