I Am a Firework


Fireworks DSC_1310-1_thumb[1]

I am a firework, all set to go off today,

Sometimes a small pathetic display of emotion,

but other times,

full on love with colored streaks of light,

piercing a dark sky,

made darker by my impression,

shouting and screaming my message of …

Look at me. Listen to me. See me. Notice me.


Fireworks come in many forms,

And when expressed in single characters,

miraculously bottled into words,

they emerge, either beautiful or triumphant,

Sometimes both,

Into images that fly across peoples mind,

with my intent or their reflection,

left as indelible marks on their soul.


So let me use my words,

those explosives of my mind and soul,

With great care today.

So that others might see, some wonder that

will make them think  Oooh,

rather than, noise pollution,

Or some other bad vibe.