The Hunger of the Tomatoes



Carefully, the farmer plants them in a field,

One with lots of sun,

But protection from the wind,

Without fear of flooding,

Or theft,

Or vandalism,

Which would damage his crop.


He looks on bewildered,

As the plant grows according to the season,

Ever enlarging, through seemingly miraculous means,

Turning sunlight into food,

And sucking richness from mother earth,

The surrogate who the farmer thinks he owns.


Meanwhile, in the field,

The hungry tomatoes flower and then bear fruit,

Showing the real life source,

Until they are overloaded,

And ripe to become,

Food for others, or seed for the next crop.


Meanwhile the farmer looks on,

Sometimes stopping to consider the miracle which just happened,

Seeing the hunger of the tomatoes,

And taking it for his own.


Who will fill my hunger?


And then turned to continue his day.