Fall is a beautiful time of year in many parts of the world, but in New England … oh my! I grew up in England, and while there are beautiful moments in the autumn there, it cannot compare with the spectacular color and light show which God puts on for us locally.

The poem attached to this today’s reflection places us in the world as a tree might think, something which has its own interesting implications. However, just as the tree in the poem is hoping that we will notice it’s beauty, then we are also called to consider the source of this beauty. God.

So as we walk, drive, ride, run and travel in our daily lives, then perhaps we can hear the message God sends us in the gift of nature. A few moments to ponder those leaves, not just losing their leaves one more time, but showing us the colors and texture of creation “in glorious technicolor”.

The reminder for us here is to notice a tree, nature, wondrous creations which surround us. All we need to do is notice.



Just before I go to sleep,

For that long winter doze,

I shed those summer duds,

Creating for a few days,

A carpet of great beauty,

Which leads to my most colorful moments of the year,

Making you look up,

Perhaps for the first time year.


And notice me.