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Another hello, said without thinking.

Why do I even greet this person if I don’t care about them?

What sort of person if I am if I don’t.


Oh yeah, someone who is rude;

Others will notice me, deride me,

So I better say hello just to ensure that doesn’t happen,

Yikes, I just realized, saying hello to someone I don’t know is all about me.


Not about greeting them.


I wonder if others feel that way about me?

I Am Back


For several days the feeling of isolation increased,

Followed quickly by a need to reflect,

Determining if all the separation was made for a purpose,

Well beyond the frustration being caused, to a simple, yet addled brain.


Which of course it was; and there was meaning sitting alongside me all the while.



Going, Going, Gone.


Another move, this time expected yet unexpected.

The news finally sinks in as the confirmation email arrives; from JetBlue.

Boston to Los Angeles, one-way, check in two hours in advance.


Meanwhile, decisions are made regarding what in life is important …

And can fit into two pieces of checked in baggage.

Unreasonable decisions, yet ones to be made.


Too fast now to consider, reflect, it is a time to act again.

As the skier leaves the top of the black diamond headwall,

There is no time for a change or heart, more baggage or dallying.


Just time to go, and trust in a divine darkness which beckons.