Gospel Mt 1:1-17

When we investigate our own genealogy we are looking for meaning in our past. What made us become “made man or woman” and what was the background and the challenges that framed our parents and to a certain extent ourselves.

Looking into that past can present surprises, answers and questions. Perhaps we understand decisions that were made by our ancestors in the context of “their world” at the time a little better; we try and put ourselves in their “situation”.

The Gospel today provides us with the connections that matter in our faith. There is a reason that Abraham of the Old Testament (or the Torah) is defined as our father in Faith. From that beginning we can trace the lineage of Israel and the restoration of a worldly kingdom in David. From there we see that line continues to the birth of Jesus Christ, delivering, through our salvation a king and kingdom without end.

Let us reflect today on the beauty of that Mission of Christ, and how it could not be made more “perfect” in God’s choice to insert Himself in the genealogy of our salvation history. How can we connect salvation history of Christ into our own lives and those of our family and ancestors? Perhaps helping someone in our family make that connection through prayer and intercession.

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