The Feast of Corpus Christi shows so much more than a reminder of His sacrifice for the benefit of our salvation. While this is obviously the critical aspect of His mission on earth, there is so much more here for us to contemplate and enrich our lives.

He takes the cup of redemption, through His sacrifice and in doing so provides us with an unlimited supply of grace for our own salvation. This is an invitational process that He makes clear in the Gospel today, when His followers are hungry and tired, He will let them rest and refresh them with their physical needs, through miraculous means if necessary. We can rely on Him.

However, now, the cup He offers us is one of Peace and Love, full to the brim with His love for us to celebrate any time we partake in the Eucharist, or just bask in His presence with the knowledge and wisdom of His being. Let us partake of his chalice willingly and as often as we can. It will enrich us in ways we cannot imagine and provides graces for our own eternal salvation.

Three line reflection

Take the Chalice of Peace and Love

Sip and savor each taste, moment and grace.

Fulfilling every imaginable desire with God’s presence.

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