By asking us to love our enemies, God doesn’t ask us to like what bad things or sins they may force on us. But He does ask us to love them. How can we possibly head out on that path? Well, I think that He wants to always be close to Him, and if we have hatred in our heart, then that separates us from Him.

So by the examples in the readings and Gospel today, we are instructed to “love our enemies”, to pray for them, to have no animosity towards them, so they may become closer to God.

If, as some experts in Spirituality propose, that our consciousness is a gift from God to feel His presence, then we surely offend Him if our conscious thoughts are malignant and hateful. These thoughts separate us from Him, and that’s not a good thing.

Let us pray today to bring ourselves to a place of love and peace with the Lord and leave all those feelings of animosity and hatred behind in the trash can of our spiritual past.

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