As the summer days roll by, we connect with family, nature, perhaps visit new places or our favorite haunts of the past. It is a time of renewal, refreshment and at times excitement. One aspect of this time is looking forward to doing “nothing”. Yet, when I analyze my own free time, I often find myself unable to “decouple” from my pre-vacation world.

Can I manage without the cell phone, checking my email daily, worrying if someone did something I asked them to do, is that new customer doing OK with the product I just sold them? The questions seem to rise out of nowhere, so what should I do about them?

My son came to visit us this weekend, he is a busy executive with a lot of responsibilities; he also knows work/life balance is important, so ensures his family gets all the attention they need during the vacation days. Yet, as the evening wears on, and supper is finished, I find him working on the computer till the wee hours dealing with the problems he knows are not being dealt with while he is “out”. Rather than spend time at night worrying about them, he fixes them and then returns to bed with his family.

How many of us fall into the same category? We have the responsibility to do certain things for our working lives, yet cannot seem to disengage fully when we have that precious commodity. Time off from work!

I guess we can deal with these problems in two different ways. One is to look for that work/life balance that keeps us sane and at peace with the world, and the second is to meet the responsibilities we have at work and home.

The key word in all of this is peace, we must search for a way find this peace in our lives; and we all know where this solution lies.

Let is call on God for help in finding peace and solutions to the turmoil often present in our over busy lives; and take steps to notice his presence in all around us while on vacation this summer.



Passing By

Passing me by,

Recognizing my existence,

Yet not stopping to look.


And smell me.



© 2017 Michael J. Cunningham

Michael Cunningham is Director of Teen and Adult Faith Formation for St. Eulalia Parish

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