This past week I have been traveling with my sister and husband around the North-East corridor of the US. On our way to D.C. we stopped at Gettysburg, VA as Dave (her husband) is a military buff. Taking the tour for the structure of the 3-day battle there, its twists and turns, orders followed and unfollowed and their repercussions … it gave me a great deal of pause.

At times in our lives we are faced with our own small Gettysburg’s. Something happens which causes us to have to react, change direction, perhaps enlist others, or join a cause ourselves. To align ourselves with what we feel is right, and commit our all to it.

Some of us have perhaps had to make that commitment of our lives in a battle situation, just as those soldiers did over the three-day period. The results of this battle changed the course of a war, and ultimately a nation. While I am a first-generation American, I can still feel the historic relevance and commitment made by those soldiers. While all the fields, hills and craggy rocks are silent now, they still echo a past full of those making a commitment. There is an interconnectedness I could not explain, but was felt looking over the sites of what was a very bloody battle.

The picture below is a silhouette of an officer overlooking the scene of his conflict at sunset; obviously romanticized yet still reflective of an outcome, seemingly respecting all who fought; those who survived and those who did not make it to the fourth day.

Surely, all of us, can learn something when we are called to become something more than we think we can do alone. With God at our side all is possible, but we still should make a movement towards Him. To do something for His side, for God’s will.

At a time when we seem to be focused on division and differences, perhaps we need more than just to glance at God momentarily, but rather keep our attention on Him, then we will find the guidance needed to bring grace and love to the lives in need.

Which is all of us right now.


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