Such a week as we have not seen in many a while. I often I try and avoid reporting on topical matters, yet when faced with such a calamity which is the hurricane/tropical storm Harvey, it is hard to not be affected by its impact. This week we see the best of human nature and the worst of mother nature both happening at the same time. (To quote Chris Cuomo of CNN).

Again, we see humanity, directed by God, bringing others to safety, putting themselves second and the very best of being an American neighbor/brother/sister to others. We can gain solace in watching what others are doing to help, and perhaps make our own presence felt in some way. Certainly the rebuilding of the coastline of Texas is going to be a monumental effort, one likely to take months, even years, to complete. However it will, lie the Phoenix, rise again with help from others.

Rebuilding on this grand scale makes us grateful for what we have today. Situated in the wonderful corner of the North East we know as New England, we have little to complain of, at least not severe weather of the sort just encountered in Texas.

While visiting Old Sturbridge Village last week, I was reminded of the weeding required in our garden in Clinton, and how small most challenges are when we compare them with others.

Yet, they are still important to notice and repair.


I will remove the weeds in my garden, and my life.

Tending the Weeds by Michael Cunningham

© 2017 Michael J. Cunningham

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