We are entering the second week of the national disaster which is Harvey. A tremendous time for action in prayer and deed for us all. Watching and listening to the reporting this week, it gave me great cause to reflect on my own time in the south.

Our first six years in the USA were spent in Huntsville, AL. A time when we got to really know Southern hospitality, and unfortunately, severe weather. Tornados were something I had only studied about in High School, until one visited our neighborhood during my son’s 6th birthday in November 1989. Within a few minutes 21 people were dead, 463 injured and 500 homes were destroyed. I spent time that evening looking for my wife and children, who, unknown to me, were stuck in traffic at the time with six other kids trying to make it home. My motorcycle provided the only tenable form of transport as I checked the hospitals for their whereabouts.

Thank God they were all safe, but that evening I had a taste for what it must be like for those on the Texas coast this week. Let us all do what we can to help, in prayer, in kind or in deed. There is a special collection this week for the parish to assist.

In the meantime, the photograph below shows the other side of mother nature, as the sun bathes our late summer blooms in New England. We can rely on God to provide us with our needs, even in the most difficult times.

After all it is not the hard times which really test us, but rather our response to them. Right now, Texas could do with some sunlight in their lives, and we have some to spare.


The Flowers and the Sun

© 2017 Michael J. Cunningham

Michael Cunningham is Director of Teen and Adult Faith Formation for St. Eulalia Parish

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