This week we are faced with another tragedy of immense sadness for many. This time is not a natural disaster, but one wrought of another nature. As destructive forces rained into a crowd celebrating a night of music together in Las Vegas, we are all left with sadness, grief and the confusion of how events like this can happen at all.

The weeks to follow will be led with stories of courage, remembrance, healing and loving for those affected. Many individuals already are being held up high for physically covering others during the shooting, offering up their lives in a split second to protect another; in some cases, people they did not even know. Others stayed with the dying to offer comfort, again leaving themselves exposed to danger, but rather choosing to remain, and be a friend someone needed during their last moments. We see the worst of humanity causing the divine to emerge from others in all its glory. This is small consolation to those who have lost loved ones, but we can find meaning in these terrifying moments and how many put their fellow man first, placing the love of another in front of their own natural instincts of self-preservation. These are the true colors of the divinity of God bleeding out in these men and women. They prove to us there is a saint awaiting in us all.

Let us hope when we are called, in big and small ways, we can be as selfless as these men and women. They are not just heroes for doing something beyond a common definition of bravery, they are Christ in Action in our world.



She cries for your daughter,

Your son,

Your mother,

Your father,

Your friends and their loved ones.


She has seen the sorrow,

Felt the pain,

Experienced the helplessness,

And endures it all because of His love.


Our Lady of Sorrows,

Pray for us on this sad day for so many.

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