If you are reading this prior to, or during Mass (tut .. tut) you might be aware of the Confirmation retreat going on below in Manion Hall. Here our teens move into the final stages of preparation for Confirmation at the end of October.

While they had little choice during their baptism, as young adults, they can reaffirm their faith now. Each journey, like our own, is unique and varied. Just as God created us with exclusive gifts and talents, the young people of our parish get to confirm their faith on their own terms this time. Their choice. Their desire. Their will.

However, I know looking back at my own time for confirmation, then considerably younger than our teens, I was drawn more by a tugging to “come home” rather than any direct propelling of my own will. Perhaps that is true for many of us. We are heading back to the harbor from whence we came, it is there, inviting, beckoning us, drawing us nearer. Hard to explain this Holy Longing which comes from the Spirit. So, we return via the Spirit and receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. How beautiful! It could not be more perfect.

Join with us today as those final stages of the journey are marked by the candidates in the parish. Pray for them. Pray for their journey; that the Holy Spirit will shower them with the grace we all need to survive in the world. To enrich them.

And ourselves.



Photography by Michael Cunningham

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