This week brings us joy and peace in the happenings of the Church and the parish itself. Joy and Peace prevailed in the most wonderful form as our newly minted Confirmation candidates received the sacrament last Saturday. This was preceded by a one day retreat the prior Sunday and a night of reflection on the vigil of their Confirmation. It was truly a wonderful experience and the sunny disposition of the weather reflected the warmth and love we were all surrounded by on that day. Bravo to all of you, and thank you to the parishioner who sent in the Prayer of St. Theresa which was presented just before they received the sacrament.

We also had the feasts of All Saints and All Souls this past week. It was wonderful to hear the names of those saints and individuals who have, and will, influence those confirmed last week. Some we might know well, like Patrick, Francis, or Joan, but also others less so, like Magdalena, Seraphina and Brigid. Having these mentors traveling with us on our journeys is a boundless spiritual resource.

The confluence of the community of saints in the Church merges with those we know who have passed on All Souls Day. When I was growing up, this viewed as a time of remembrance, even sadness. However, we have to remind ourselves this is a time of joy, when those who have left this physical life, and now in an eternal metaphysical one. At home at last, by God’s side.

Nowhere is this better expressed in the Latino tradition of the Day of the Dead, which began in Mexico. This starts on Halloween and concludes on All Souls Day. These celebrations illustrate to us how close we are to moving from one life to another, and the transition is something to be celebrated, not feared. The traditions have some wonderful insights, I would recommend you learn more about this very special Catholic tradition, as there is much beauty therein.

So this week, let us reinforce our faith, remember those close who have passed, and pray for us all on the journey.


The candle comes from nature,

Hand hewn, emitting light,


And guidance.


In loving hands.


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