By now we may be enjoying the last remnants of Thanksgiving meals; perhaps more turkey sandwiches … something I could eat any day of the year and never be bored with it. For many of us, the visiting family has perhaps departed to another state, leaving the remains of wonderful days spent together again.

For those of us who don’t have our family close by, these remembrances are even more sacred. Even untidy rooms, toys left out from children playing, or another broken ornament leaves its signature on our hearts. It’s hard to feel the describe the emptiness we feel as they drive out into the crazy traffic on their way home.

Just as we feel this emptiness, we can enter the Paschal Mystery and feel the same sadness which Jesus felt as those close to Him left his side. It’s a loneliness which is encased in love for others close to us and the feeling of separation from them. We desire their presence. Just as He desires ours. Perhaps it’s little wonder we turn towards Him at times of loneliness, of separation, the sadness of joy itself.

Maybe this sadness can be offset this year by moving closer to God and thanking Him for the love which is made visible by family and friends at Thanksgiving. Taking this year’s precious memories and placing them firmly in a heart lit up with the love of God.

We can prepare ourselves again to enjoy a Thanksgiving celebration which lasts more than a few days.

PARABATUR (In preparation)


In preparation, a candle sits;

Unlit, on the edge of an altar,

Waiting for the rest of the community to join them,

In the late afternoon night,

As sunset draws near,

Beckoning the night,

And its divine darkness,

To swallow me fully.


Then, as darkness falls,

I will wait patiently,

Quietly, silently,

Until one comes with the fire which will ignite my life again.

Spreading wisdom, gifts and light.


For me, and others to see God’s presence in my soul.

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