These first two weeks of the year have been full of discussions, plans and actions for our Youth Ministry at St. Eulalia’s. As you probably know by now, we have been blessed with the arrival of Claire Aalerud to the parish staff; heading up this important ministry and taking on the additional important task of multi-media outreach and evangelization.

During our discussions the subjects of goals and intentions came up, along with the theme “Think With Your Heart” which has been core to the youth mission. During these conversations I noted, “Our intention is to open roads to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us”, and Claire seemed to finish my sentence with “because the Catholic Church is the truth.”

It may not have been her purpose to make the truth as a destination of our faith, but it was a reaffirmation of something I take for granted. The truth which I should not take for granted. This is the truth has been established, paid for, deposited and distributed by the salvific mission of Jesus Christ and resides fully in the Church. We often forget what Claire reminds us of, we have the truth, the deposit of faith, the Way, all encased in the continuous presence of God in our lives. The truth is not weakened by the behavior of the sinners (us) which make up the humanity of the Catholic Church. The truth reminds of where the compass should be set on our own journeys.

The journey we take is a unique path which leads us towards a deeper, more fulfilled and revealed personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is, and often seems, a journey without end.

We can be assured though, the truth will remain what it is, firm, loving, welcoming and filled with the grace of God to help us along the way. We may stumble along the path, but He will remain, now and forever to support us.

The truth is eternal. Let us recognize it and continue seeking its riches in 2018.

“I am the way and the truth and the life.” Jn 14:6

At Rest


As the evening comes, time to rest in a safe harbor,

Where we can refuel, refresh and recharge for another day at sea.

Be it stormy or calm, I will be ready.

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