We are now entering the period in our liturgical calendar known as Ordinary time. As we leave the joy of the Eastertide behind us, we enter this new, and longest period of the year. Perhaps we can consider this a time for noticing. As we leave Pentecost in our rear view mirror (at least until Confirmation in the Fall), we could begin a new regime for ourselves.

One where we begin to notice the small things in our lives. Consider, if you will, the unnoticed. I often beat the drum of being aware of God, Seeing God in All Things and finding God in the Everyday. That is all well and good, but we cannot keep our sensitivity up in a heightened state of awareness on a 24/7 basis. After all, we have to relax, find peace, deal with the stuff of life.

So today I would ask you to consider a simple act; holding the hand of another person. This happens many times during a week or month. Welcoming others (often replaced by a hug if you know them well), first-time greetings, fellow congregants at Mass, during communal prayer … its a long list.

How often is that hand of friendship extended without much thought to the intention behind it? Did I mean it when I extended the sign of peace to those who are unknown to me? In communal prayer, was the prayer different because we were holding hands during recital?

Perhaps as we enter Ordinary time, we can look for some less ordinary moments in these ordinary connections. Imagine if we could not speak the welcoming words and the welcome had to be in the handshake alone. That a communal prayer for a friend who was ill is transmitted through all the bodies and souls connected by those held hands; and we consider the intention as a prayer occurs, not just going through the motions.

There is much to hold (beyond hands) in the ordinary, but it may be a great place to start. There are no boundaries to our interconnectedness, only our willingness and intention to invite and savor them. It is here where we move closer to God.

Through good and well-noticed intentions stirred by His love within us.


Holding Hands

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