Sometimes we see signs in most unusual places. At times these are obvious and we know what the message is, on other occasions less so. Now and then a stop sign is ignored, or rather missed, potentially inviting disaster.
We notice the large warning signs because they jump out at us. Shouting if you like … “Look out”, as the robot did in the early science fiction TV series with an automated declaration of “danger Will Robinson”.
Seeing signs of discontent in ourselves and others is often a marker that our inner peace is about to be broken. When it is broken, how do we try and mend it? These are questions that bedevil our spiritual life, particularly in places where we seem to have little control over the behavior of those around us. This sometimes makes us “compartmentalize” our feelings, and either ignore or tolerate the disturbances which are causing the problems.
Over the years, I have concluded avoidance is one of the worst traits we all have in these situations. We try and ignore the problem and then muddle along, all the time decreasing our inner peace, as the issues continue to niggle and disturb because of our avoidance.
Misinterpreting patience and endurance as good substitutes for not dealing with problems is unfortunately commonplace. While we recognize the problem, we don’t have the confidence or the courage to face it head-on. It is here we can rely on Christ.
The bible tells us to “Be Not Afraid” more times can we could possibly remember the verses. Why is this so commonplace in scripture? The answer is the peace of Christ is always close. We just have to accept it.
Look out for the signs of discontent in your life before they fester into a crisis because you have ignored the small signs. If you see a big sign, then the message has become clear. Just as you need to slow down on a mountain road, the need to align ourselves with God and the circumstances is the key to gaining back the inner peace.
It is always within our reach, as God, unlike Elvis, has never left the building. 


The Obvious Sign


Can we find ourselves lost?
A question for times when the compass seems broken, the roads are endless or unsigned.
Usually, the markers for direction have been on the path for a while,
Yet until the robot shouts “Danger Will Robinson” we seem unable,
Or unwilling,
To change the path.

To pause is to stay,
To stay is to listen,
To listen begets hearing.

And the Way is clear again.

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