This week I was preparing for an opening conference for a group of young adults attending the retreat center at Mater Dolorosa. Inevitably I find music a wonderful backdrop to this preparation process, serving the purpose of calming the nerves, providing inspiration and inevitably, provoking thoughts and emotions in my own soul.

We all have musical favorites, and once listened to can immediately transport to a new place or past memory. For music we may be listening to for the first time, new vistas can open, as a tapestry is weaved on top of the already thick quilt of life.

After completing the presentation, I noted how much the materials included are just a reflection of how I feel about my own relationship with God. Reminding me of the importance of how those around me help in this molding process, my presentation includes a donated windchime, music from Aine Minogue, the Beatles and materials from the Beatitudes faith formation program from the teen program at St. Eulalia’s.

One song included is Ordinary World from the eighties band, Duran Duran. The song’s lyrics lament the loss of someone important in our lives, and the huge hole left as a result. The song digs deep into the soul of the one left behind and how courage and fortitude helps them survive those missing.

The loss of a great friend or love is something many of us have experienced; even those who have been with us for a short period of time; yet at times we do not appreciate those left in our lives who help us along.

This greatest friend of all is Jesus Christ; the one who was tortured, hung on a tree and killed just to show how much He loved us all. The ultimate act of friendship and love, done in an unconditional act which showed no preference, bias or unwillingness to surrender.

Perhaps this is the friend we should be turning to? To look at when we have those moments of self-pity or sadness. Our consoler-in-chief will always be there, showing how the passion is not only relived in pain, but in a joyous union with Jesus at the Foot of the Cross. Here, we join Mary and the others, saddened by events, but assured of what comes next.

Another day of resurrections in our lives.



Sitting here at the Foot of the Cross,

The sadness of the day is enjoined by our community,

Small, huddled, but firm in a belief;

Faith for a new tomorrow.

Where change is guaranteed;

As is salvation if we only have surrender tomorrow to His will,


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