“Face the Music,” “Stop procrastinating,” “Avoid conflict at all costs!” These are a few of the quotes which occupy our minds when we are facing problems. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, and our relationship with those involved we may take a different tack to find a resolution.

All of us at some point in our lives have been responsible for managing others, perhaps nowhere more than in our close or extended family. For myself, I have a tendency to try and have others involved in the solution to a problem, even when they may not want to participate. In business situations the way problems are resolved are determined by the culture of the environment. While the polarization is most evident in the workplace, it is also true for everywhere else.

We can all relate to seeing problems. However, our inner peace is often disturbed or restored based on how we deal with them. Unfortunately, all too often, we either leave them unresolved or take a judgmental approach which often alienates those who are trying to bring back into the fold.

Leaving these issues to fester is rather like putting off symptoms of an illness we know we have to deal with; they rarely fix themselves. While prayer can be a solace and even help us in our “silent suffering,” we also are called to action to try and do something to help resolve the situation. This means talking about the issues, having an open, but Christian mindset when looking for solutions. Asking ourselves what is the “right thing to do,” not just what will satisfy me or the others involved. We need to look no further than the beatitudes to help guide us in these decisions. Almost all situations can be measured against the loving advice of Jesus in those beautiful words, and solutions and answers can be found.

I know at times, it can be painful when you open a wound, examine a problem, deal with the difficulties; however, avoidance almost always leads to a worse outcome. So even if we have to cause some hurt or raise some painful issue when it comes to solving problems, we are called to take action. Personally, this always causes some internal wounding, knowing you have disturbed someone to help bring them to a realization which may resolve the issue.

The pain which we endure by taking action is a price we all have to pay when we are operating as Christians with the desire to do this will from the heart. I know this pain personally, as I am sure you have felt it yourself.

When I feel this pain, I take a look at the crucifix and see what love expressed really looks like. And the love in His pain becomes mine.


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