Speaking the words of God is an awesome responsibility, and yet sometimes we place our inflection on those words so others may congratulate us on our presentation skills, our dulcet tones and other self-satisfying metrics of the world. (Perhaps the word inflection should be replaced with infection.)

When we hear the words “Thy Will Be Done, Not Mine,” are we really saying them as if we truly mean it? Perhaps, but often we still want to know others appreciate us, our words, etc. Do we really need the applause after presenting something from scripture, or something spiritual for others to consider? Do we want to get between the person and the Holy Spirit?

I don’t think so. If we do, then it becomes about me, not about the listener’s relationship with God. When we consider our role in the world, as a Christian, we have a responsibility to “do the right thing,” making ourselves secondary. In fact, when you do something genuinely selfless, without expectation of a result and leave the cards to fall where they may, it often results in the most beautiful outcomes. This is because we have already placed ourselves in a good situation in relation to God. We have surrendered our personal goals and success objectives for the common good of another.

What you do for the least of my brothers, you do to me. (Matthew 25:40)

One Voice

So today, perhaps I may think differently.

Not using God’s words with my voice, but talking in one voice.

A voice which listens to God, but does not drown God out.

A voice which discerns what should be said.

A voice which determines how it should be said.


One voice, but not my voice alone.

God, lead me to lose my solo voice and become a duet with you.


Which voice do I hear?

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