This week I was introduced to a book called The Spirituality of Imperfection. (Kurtz and Ketcham) While I have not yet finished reading it, color me impressed! Over the years, we spend a tremendous amount of time trying to follow a spiritual path as outlined by the mystics and the Church. Nothing wrong with this of course, but after reading just a few chapters of this book and ruminating on the title (Spirituality of Imperfection) a penny dropped in my sometimes one-track mind.

We all spend too much time trying to become perfect; following a line of perfection outlined by saints and mystics who we cannot easily emulate. What struck me about this book (so far) more than anything else was the obvious aspect of our own nature. We are all broken in some way, and regardless of this, God still loves us and provides methods for us to find and receive His unconditional love and forgiveness.

These are given through the sacraments, prayer, gifts of the Holy Spirit and the support of each other (and Christ) in our individual journeys. How beautiful is that!

So most of our paths, certainly mine, is a journey of imperfection. One when I may try to be closer to God, listen more to His voice, and rectify errors which continue to cause separation from Him. This imperfect path, including its failures, emphasizes my humanity and the free will we have been given to do what I want, not just what God wants. I am imperfect. There I said it, but even so, God still loves me.

This week, I am going to try and stop beating myself up when I have an ungodly thought or reaction but recognize I am imperfect and try to notice that God still loves me. Yes, I will try and do better, but I am also not going to refuse God’s love or forgiveness and remember Christ’s words.

“I am always with you.” (Mt 28:20)


Separation is only a good thing,

If the presence of that person was painful,

Even then, we mourn the good times,

And put the bad ones down to something else.

So to belong is to be at home,

At rest,

In Love,


With friends and those you cherish.

It is to be covered in chocolate,

Warm but not hot,

Dreamy, but not asleep,

Dripping with love,

Leaking out uncontrollably.

This is happiness indeed.

In the presence of God.



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