The invisible people in our daily lives are out there. Of course they are not really invisible, but we have made it so to ourselves and to our souls. I travel a lot, and see a lot of people who are invisible to us. The waiter at breakfast in a hotel, the room cleaners, bathroom attendants in a busy airport, thousands whose opinions are ignored and their contribution is unrewarded by a smile or acknowledgement in the workplace.

We all serve in our lives, but yet we seem to have different classes of servant hood, some seem more important than others, noticeable, or rewardable. Does this really make sense? Do the servants not make the wedding more successful? Are they considered part of the celebration or just the decorations for our own pleasure?

What if we were to notice their contribution today? How do we feel when we are serving others?


Let Me Be Your Server Today

Let me be your server today

Each step is an active part of my love.

Moving towards the table needing clearing,

Responding to an empty cup,

Smiling to a face far from home.


Reponses vary,

According to mood and pressure.

Sometimes I am invisible,

No one sees me,

Only what I deliver,

And if it’s on time.

However, there is always one,

One who sees me and what I do,

For what it really is,

Loving and giving,

Supporting and consistent.

There when others need me,

No asking for gifts or rewards from them.

Just a smile and greeting,

To show they love me.


Just as I love them.


As I read this meditation/poem what does it mean to me?
Who are the invisible people in my life? What happens when I encounter them? Do I notice them? How do I treat them? Am I invisible to someone?

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