We have all returned to those times as a child when all seemed simpler and easier. While this may not be true of all childhoods, I can certainly return to mine and see it was a time that had less distractions than my teenage years.

As someone who has been involved in ministry with children and owning four of my own, and through the grace of God, nine grandchildren, I often look at things through their lens. While there are benefits of being childlike, there are also complications.

You have to follow the guidelines/rules or others; life is fairly structured without much “downtime” included, and of course, we are ALWAYS relying on someone else to get us where we need to go. However, when I look back on my faith life, there was much to be pleased about a child. While I learned about my faith through the strict governance of the Dominican nuns at my elementary school, and an Irish priest who dispensed his own special form of ministry; I was, for the most part, surrounded by love. It was love with strings attached for sure, but it was love. They cared for me, and even more for my soul. I can still hear the words “ for what does it matter if you suffer the loss of your soul …”

This lament, even though I didn’t really know what it meant, did start me out on a journey as a child. A journey to discover this invisible but important part of me, my soul!

I wonder what your experience of this inner search for your soul, its content, character, how it looked affected your faith? How does it affect your faith today? Have you come to terms with what your soul is today? How would you describe its condition? Excellent? Slightly used? Low mileage? Never been wrecked?

Taking a journey back to those early days may help you find some answers. After all we use the words “soul-searching” often. But what does it really mean to us?

This week is a time for some gentle soul-searching. God Bless.

Earlier Times


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