The Shepherdess


The Shepherdess looks out once more, towards the hills,

Jerusalem, never far behind, always in her heart,

Cuddling the needed one,

Found with a lost tribe,

Searching for a more permanent home.  


She no longer looks for the tabernacle,

But others seek it, embedded deep inside her heart,

As she lives and loves in an interior filled with passion,

Eternally created and illuminated within.


The enlightenment now complete,

Caused by full surrender to His will,

She feels her purpose,

Now consummated in spiritual love, and a permanent marriage of desire. 


Traveling the hills, the shepherdess sees all sheep,

The hidden ones,

The injured ones,

The rejected ones,

Who seek nothing but her presence.


Her mystical life lies ahead,

Not just filled with sheep,

But with transformation,

As she replicates the love within,

                    And fills the kingdom with shepherds.


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