Openings … The Great Reflection

he Great Reflection

Wooden floorboards track shoe sizes, angst and growth,

Pine sits noisily and anonymously moves students dust, nature’s rain and snow,

around the lab, persistently supporting their progress, in this place of learning

… my refuge of years.


Now, a completed nest somehow perfectly surrounds me.

Like some giant physics experiment, disproving my own classroom words,

“Matter cannot be created or destroyed”

Technically I understand, reason drives all,

… save love and the need to do good.


So let’s dissect one last frog, one more experiment, measure one more isotope,

and see what registers on the Geiger counter of my humanity.

Reflecting on a life of much love, children, the desire to help others.

Was it for me or them, both perhaps?

… This knowledge is perhaps inside to discover.

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