During recent weeks our program with the teens has been examining perhaps the hardest of all questions. Does God exist? What is the evidence? How does He reveal Himself in our lives?

You might be right in thinking most adult Catholics may have difficulty answering these questions, yet alone the workgroup exercise set in Manion Hall discussion groups this week. Imagine you are gathered with a small community of peers, and you have five minutes to come up with reasons for God’s presence in the world to an atheist or inquisitive member of another faith.

The results were beautiful to behold as we went round the room listening to the results of “thinking of the heart” sprinkled with scientific evidence for His existence. Here are a few of them which were memorable to me …

· Nature …

· The presence of life itself. Animals, plants, humanity.

· Goodness and love in us all and the work which is done for others

· Scripture and the Church

· Martyrs and the Saints

· If “matter cannot be created or destroyed” then who is the creator

· The consciousness and depths of the human mind

· The “Big Bang” and who created the universe

· The feeling we have (consolation) when playing music which touches my soul

· Love

· Jesus and His mission

Perhaps the point which touched me the most in this lovely evening was the response of one student.
“It is the feeling that I know God is present. I can just feel Him in my world.”

The response of feeling God in your world is perhaps the only gift we all might seek. When you see God operating in someone you don’t have to look for apologetics or arguments for His existence, you know that person knows God in some special way. A way we all want to feel. To pursue the ultimate. Unshakeable Inner Peace.

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