St Eulalia

This week we celebrate the feast of our parish patron saint, St. Eulalia. While most reading this reflection will know her history, it’s interesting to note the origin of her name is derived from the Greek meaning “to be articulate”.

St. Eulalia’s response to the Roman emperor’s demand that she deny Christ was certainly met with the most articulate and courageous act. One which led to her physical demise and certain place with God in perpetuity. This certitude by which she, as with many saints, welcomed their martyrdom is often hard for us to understand.

Yet it is this powerful faith we are all called towards. God is eternally present with us, even in the most difficult times, are we are called respond and notice Him. We may never be asked to offer our lives for our faith under pain of death. Yet, when we ignore those who are helpless, those in pain, even those separated from God through addiction or misfortune are we are being called to deny Him?

Our everyday life presents us with opportunities to do His will. Saints, such as St. Eulalia had enough faith and knowledge of God they were willing to make this sacrifice, and by doing so helped to build up the Body of Christ on earth. The Church. Us.

This week, as we look towards Lent, perhaps St. Eulalia can inspire us to be that slightly better person, not by giving up our life in sacrifice, but by honoring Christ’s sacrifice with our own “articulate” response in our deeds and actions.


St. Eulalia … pray for us


Michael Cunningham is Director of Faith Formation for St. Eulalia Parish

Watercolor crated by Michael J. Cunningham © 2017

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