Spending a life of separation,

Don’t talk about this, never mention that,

Keep this to yourself.

We are a bottling plant for feelings,

Never to be shared, or only with a certain language,

A special language,

The language of separation.


We learn these new and unnatural languages,

How to talk to a child,

Only say this to a spouse,

Certain jokes reserved for single sex company,

Interview talk,

Church speak,

Talk of love,

To be un-bottled or mixed only on special occasions.

Like confession, breakdowns, or times of pain and suffering,

When it’s OK to show our real self.


Imagine for a moment,

We are listening to St. Paul in Corinth …

For we are God’s co-workers;
you are God’s field, God’s building.”

Imagine a world he describes,

Where we are all one,

One mission, one purpose, one community, one world.

All together at the same table,

With all divisive languages dismissed.

Our selves revealed.


And all spoken or done to each other is truth;

And in Love.

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