Have you ever had that feeling for someone, or a group which was so strong you felt like family? Even more so; you are interconnected in some way words cannot possibly express. The ebb and flow of life which places us in each other’s path sometimes creates strange bedfellows. You enter a new place with expectations and hopes, or perhaps even trepidation, and then you see how it all pans out.

I have just finished my three years of academics at Catholic University, traveling with eight other souls on my journey. Everyone, well most everyone, was nervous to begin. Am I capable of this level of study or rigor? Am I going to look stupid? Am I going to fail? All questions we have, in the end, to put at the back of our minds and trust in God. A God who brought us to this place together.

From that first day of web based introductions I tried to situate their ministries. Open air Masses in Nigeria, the rector at the Seminary, the pilgrim leader bringing a flock to Israel, the catechist struggling to communicate the love of God through a fog of media misinformation. These now, are all my friends on this journey of a lifetime. A journey seeking the truth, which remains, as always, a pillar upon which we all can rest.

What are those moments in your life? Let us rest a moment on the pillar of interconnected love. And bask in His grace.


The Stub


Visible on the path,

The tree stub of my presence remains,

Like a mile marker on a journey,

When once they sheltered under my branches,

And now they walk by,

Wondering why this vestige has not been removed.


Not knowing what sort of tree grew here.


© 2017 Michael J. Cunningham

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