On Valentines Day



As I was purchasing a Valentine’s Card for my wife on Tuesday, I remarked to the woman next to me in the store “last minute emergency card?”; she smiled and quickly retorted, “No, that would be tomorrow morning.” Then she proceeded to describe a Valentine’s ritual her parents went through for their 50 years of marriage. They would go to the store together, pick out a card they liked for the other, present and read them, smile hug and put them back on the shelf. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but only was this a canny New England practice, but also demonstrated their love for each other without having to give in to commercialism. It illustrated how their love went beyond buying a card; it carved special time out to reaffirm their love in a public forum. I guess there is more love on the floor of the supermarket if you care to notice it!

Perhaps love is our message for Lent, the love shown by Jesus Christ, the love we show for our spouses and everyone else in our lives, and the general love of humanity and of God we are all called to in our Lenten journey. In whatever form that takes.

There are five words in Greek for love, but only one source. Let us embrace love this Lent.

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