Sometimes we pay more attention to the gardens which are close to the house. Providing ourselves with a place where family and friends can gather in a manicured location, where the flowers speak of how welcoming we are and how pretty all is in “our garden”.

However, in our lives, there are other parts of the garden we own but are out of sight. These may have been some project we considered important in the past, perhaps even enough the remnants of our intention are still visible. Relationships started but neglected, friendships not nurtured yet not quite forgotten. The untended gardens in our lives still exist, whether we pay attention to them or not.

Perhaps this would be a good time to take a walk to the edges of our own gardens; where the plantings have been abandoned and left to nature and the elements. There we can recall what caused us to have the vision of what was intended and reflect on the results of our lack of attention.

And then decide if we are good curators of our gifts and possessions.

The Untended Lot

The untended lot, sits out of sight,

Of the kitchen window,

Where I normally look out on my world,

Watching only for what affects my near-sightedness,

Separating myself from earlier ventures.

Which now lie, corporately untended.

Fostering invasive weeds and the wild things of nature.


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