I am not sure if you have ever felt this way, but at times it seems like I was informed that I have to keep my distance from God. Perhaps this was some of the ways things were when I was young, that we always were meant to feel that we should “fear the Lord,” and not try and get to close to Him.

Thankfully, my personal experience showed me that God was playing out much closer in my life than a God which I was supposed to adore but not get too close. God made Himself known to me in an experience with the Eucharist at the time of my first Holy Communion. This resonated with me for many years, even though, at this young age, I didn’t really know what had happened to me during this peace-filled experience.

At times of trouble, or when in need or reassurance, we can all return to those moments when God’s presence has suddenly become evident to us. That God loves us at all times; is not only with us but within us.

So the next time you feel separated from God, at a distance for whatever reason, let us remind ourselves of His constant presence in us. Scripture tells us:

“In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.”

Jn 14:20

This week let us remember there is no separation between God and us; only the separation we place there ourselves, or our resistance to His love. Something never to forget, even in our most desperate times.

The Long Distance between Us


Seems like I am keeping us apart.

Not really sure why;

Perhaps because you have forgiven me,

But I won’t accept it in my heart.

No wonder I feel the distance.

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