We often hear the words it’s the journey, not the destination, which can provide solace to some but can also create a feeling of desolation and abandonment. When we find our circumstances changing and, even when we set the direction it in motion, it does not turn out the way we want.

At the time of this pandemic, many find themselves somewhere they did not expect. Separated from others, loss of income, loneliness, even feelings of helplessness can be overwhelming. At the same time, we see the incredible outreach occurring. Generosity beyond expectations, sacrifice for those in caring roles. The juxtaposition of these scenes litters our daily lives.

So what is this all about? Our internal reactions to dealing with the uncontrollable and the unexpected are tested to the limit. Sometimes it is our observation of how others are dealing with the changes in their lives.

The knowledge of God’s presence in all of this can be our only reassurance in these matters. It is a time when we need to not just trust, but to embrace the love which comes from knowing God is within, and always with us. (Matthew 28:20).

This week we can perhaps have empathy for those who do not have faith in God, but are relying on themselves and those around them (you perhaps) to give them the certitude that things will work themselves out. And you become that loving embrace so many are seeking at this time; through your Christian response to their needs and difficulties.

Heading Home


Here I am heading home again,

Across the desert,

Across the oceans,

On straight roads,

On windy roads,

In the summer,

In the winter,

But always,


With You.


Within Me.

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