Inside Out

Inside Out

A new kind of naked,

Unseductive, maybe even unattractive,

But somehow, feeling honest for the first time.


Now don’t get me wrong,

I am not a dishonest person,

But I am not stupid either, I have to live in the world.


Taking each day showing all my faults with no sensitivity to others, is not my way.

I have to live in the world, did I say that before?

However, this new shewing is different.


My whole self is not contained by a skin,

By clothes, make-up (on the occasions I wear it),

Or by a willingness to be unwilling to share it.


This is me.

Unmodified, uncensored, uncovered

At last.


Now, what am I supposed to do with this …

Not a question, but an exploration,

Towards God and the image He made me in.


For this is what I am drawn towards,

And now the masks have been surgically removed,

Like a blind man, I can now see.


If not clearly … yet.

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